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Responsible Visitor Charter                        

Scotland, and Perthshire in particular is a wonderful place to visit.     We are keen to play our small part in keeping tourism sustainable, so we are asking you to help in this by being a Responsible Visitor

Conserving EnergyBirks of Aberfeldy

  • Please switch off lights when not needed
  • Please close windows if the heating is on.
  • Use controls on radiators to control temperature of each room.
  • Boil only what you need to use in the kettle.


   Rubbish and Wasterecycling bag cloag farm cottages

  •    Please recycle waste using the polypropylene             bags provided.
  •    The label on the bag shows what you can recycle.
  •    Please read the information about bathroom              waste.




Loch Turret - our water supply source.

  • Our water supply comes from Loch Turret high above Crieff.
  • It is clean and safe to drink.
  • Please help conserve water by using it wisely
  • There is a water butt at the rear to Cottage 3 for outdoor use.



    The Environmentwild orchid at Cloag Farm

  •     Help us to look after the environment
    by taking litter home
  •     Dog mess should be bagged and binned
  •     When out and about, use the Scottish Outdoor Access Code



The Car

A car is needed to get the most out of a visit ….. but sometimes public transport makes more sense for all or part of the journey.

  • Local busses go from Methven to Perth/Crieff
  • Longer distance busses go from Broxden Park and Ride at Perth, and Perth Bus Station
  • Trains go from Perth station.
  • There are Park and Ride schemes for Perth, Edinburgh and Aberdeen.


        Take nothing but photographs ….. leave nothing but footprints.